Digital environments to consider for protection against hackers

Who can be a hacker? Is it limited to those with a  computer science degree? Unfortunately, the identities of hackers vary incredibly. Notorious hackers vary from a 15 year old boy, Michael Calce, to a Playboy model, Adeanna Cooke. Anyone who is computer literate can become a hacker, which means you need to protect yourself. 

What it means to be hacked

To be hacked means to be robbed of data online because of a criminal reason. Nowadays, it’s easier than you think to be hacked. Today’s world is largely online. Almost everyone an online presence or has access to the internet. Inevitably, this means anyone is able to do their research and learn how to become a hacker.

– Hack your website

Websites can be hacked because of three things:

  • Access Control
  • Software Vulnerabilities
  • Third-Party Integrations

Other common methods of being hacked is through compromised passwords. Hackers can utilize password guessing softwares or techniques before they guess the correct password. The metropolitan police’ website has recently been hacked. It is important to have at least a basic knowledge of these features of a website. Or, at least, work with professionals who specialise in cyber security like Doskon. Securing a website means a process of a series of actions that builds layers of protection. 

– Hack your email

Hackers try not to leave any clues. A common way for them to get into your computer is through emails containing viruses or malicious websites, The metropolitan police were also recently victims of an email hack. source This shows that if the police can be hacked, anyone can.

Hack your social media

Similarly as their emails and website being hacked, the Metropolitan police also had their twitter hacked. Their social media was corrupted by hackers

Hack your iphone

  • Using public Wi-Fi
  • Downloading malware-ridden apps
  • Using a weak password for your Apple ID

Ultimately, the most foolproof way of protecting yourself or your business from hacks is investing in professional services that specialise in it. In today’s online world millions of hackers are at large and are targeting people who have no protection all the time. Stay protected and ahead of the hackers with Doskon.

More tips on preventing hacks from Google can be found here.

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